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Introducing VuRoyal Pharmaceutical Company

Global Solutions

VuRoyal is a Massachusetts-based pharmaceutical distributor. Our founders worked in pharmaceutical R&D and clinical research for decades before starting VuRoyal. During their time in the industry, they witnessed qualified business entities struggle to secure safe, genuine, and high-quality substances for their patients and for their research. By using our network and passion for delivering life-saving pharmaceutical substances, VuRoyal helps our customers provide better, timely, and uncompromising care.


Our Products

VuRoyal partners with drug manufacturers, trading partners, and primary wholesalers. We work within secure channels to provide our customers with authentic life-saving drug products, to ensure the products up to the highest standard for your research and clinical use.
We supply our customers with FDA-approved prescription drugs, including biologicals and specialties. We do not carry any DEA-scheduled drugs or raw materials.


Who We Serve

Research Organizations

Clinical Trial Sponsors

Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and Alternative Care Settings

Healthcare Providers

Patient Service Organization

Patient Referral Services

Contact Us

  Our dedicated customer service will get back to you ASAP within the same working day.

303 Wyman Street, Ste 300
Waltham Massachusetts MA 02451


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