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QS-21 Forum

On March 20, 2024, vuRoyal and Desert King International will jointly organize the first QS-21 Forum in Shanghai, China.   The day before the fifth Vaccine Innovation International Forum (VIF World 2024). The forum will bring together vaccine experts, researchers, business executives, policymakers and industry leaders from all over the world to jointly promote vaccine development and international cooperation.


As an important vaccine adjuvant, QS-21 has very broad usage and huge potential. vuRoyal and Desert King International have invited well-known international experts and scholars to participate in this forum to share the latest results in the field of QS-21. Together we will have an in-depth discussion of the research progress and broad usage of QS-21,

QS-21 Forum

Time: March. 20th 14:00-17:40 PM

Location: China Grain Hotel, 777 Jiamusi Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

Organizers: VuRoyal and Desert King International

Featured Speakers

About Us

Desert King International 


Headquartered in the United States with facilities in Chile and Mexico, Desert King International specializes in natural, science-driven solutions. Celebrating over 40 years of innovation, our famous product is GMP-standard QS-21, a responsibly sourced adjuvant in five commercial human vaccines, including those against shingles, malaria, COVID-19 and RSV. Our commitment to quality and sustainability is trusted around the world, making us a leader in the health, nutrition, cosmetics, animal health and environmental industries.

vuRoyal pharmaceutical company LLC


vuRoyal is a US FDA registered pharmaceutical distributor. Headquartered in Boston, USA, we have the drug wholesale and export qualifications approved by the State of Massachusetts. In October 2023, we have become the official exclusive partner of Desert King International in China, mainly provide Reference List Drug (RLD), Reference standard (RS, reference substance) and vaccine adjuvant QS-21 for clinical trials and generic drug development.

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vuRoyal pharmaceutical company LLC

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